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After a few random posts I've decided to dedicate this blog to my life long project of Japanese food
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Since my first taste of sushi back in 1997 I've been interested in, and frequently been making
Japanese food.
My interest in the country and culture started long before and continues to evolve.
I was lucky to finally visit Japan in October 2008 and hope to be back soon.
In July 2012 I visited Japantown in San Fransisco, the next best thing!
I was lucky to be back in 2015, 2016 and 2017 thanks to the fact that we now have family living in California.
Both small and big adventures will from now on, as time permits, be shared with you.

I will post other recipes and pictures too, mainly cooking projects, plants and art projects
(including my new love - making kumihimo braided objects).

I hope you'll find it interesting, and feel free to leave a comment or ask questions!

I write mainly in English, but there will be some Norwegian too, especially posts about things
that mainly have Norwegian interest. Tutorials are bi-lingual.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Kumihimo - braiding

So, I've been braiding a lot lately using an old Japanese techniqe called Kumihimo.

Some info:
The most prominent historical use of the cords was by samurai as both a functional and decorative way to lace their lamellar armour and their horses' armor (barding). Kumihimo cords are now used as ties on haori jackets and obijimes, which are used for tying on an obi (kimono sash).

I'm using a portable marudai made of flexible foam, and it works really well. It's my past-time activity in front of tv! I would like to get a real wooden marudai as well, to add to the Japanse-stuff-in-my-house list...

Pictures coming soon!


Smygfisken said...

Måtte google - ser kult ut! Har aldri kunnet flette -- men med hjelpemidler kunne jeg kanskje klart å finne ut av greia. Hehe.

Linuz said...

Tro meg - dette klarer du! Jeg har fletta noen nøkkelringer i kveld. Må vente på dagslys for å få tatt bilder... til helga kanskje?