Welcome to my blog.

After a few random posts I've decided to dedicate this blog to my life long project of Japanese food
and culture (and my life in general, especially my travels).

Since my first taste of sushi back in 1997 I've been interested in, and frequently been making
Japanese food.
My interest in the country and culture started long before and continues to evolve.
I was lucky to finally visit Japan in October 2008 and hope to be back soon.
In July 2012 I visited Japantown in San Fransisco, the next best thing!
I was lucky to be back in 2015, 2016 and 2017 thanks to the fact that we now have family living in California.
Both small and big adventures will from now on, as time permits, be shared with you.

I will post other recipes and pictures too, mainly cooking projects, plants and art projects
(including my new love - making kumihimo braided objects).

I hope you'll find it interesting, and feel free to leave a comment or ask questions!

I write mainly in English, but there will be some Norwegian too, especially posts about things
that mainly have Norwegian interest. Tutorials are bi-lingual.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Preparing for the new year dinner, part 1

New Years Eve is Mr. Linuz´ favorite day of the year. It´s like Christmas to other people, he loves it soo much.
To make him (and me) happy, I always cook a nice dinner. This year it won´t be anything Japanese,
but classic gourmet food.
Look at all the nice stuff we got today! I feel almost embarrassed...
The clams and veal are Norwegian, but we "moderated" ourselves and got Canadian lobster.
We have such great seafood in this country, and I try to eat it as often as I can.

I will show you the results of our efforts tomorrow, but this is the menu:
(Champagne with all courses)

Passion fruit sorbe & champagne
Grilled lobster with parmesan & herbes
Pan seared scallops with chorizo and granat seed apple cores
Veal wrapped in pancetta with sweet potato cream, gnocci, chestnuts, salvia sauce and carrots
Comté cheese with cherry jam and crackers
Citrus salad with mint sugar and whipped cream

My little girl will get the "child menu":

Passion fruit sorbe with strawberry "child champagne"
Cod with parmesan crackers
Veal with gnocci and carrots
Comté cheese with crackers

Welcome 2012!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Look what is soon coming my way:

Oh, today I feel so happy... I just ordered a tofu mold made of hinoki wood.
You can see the beauty here:
Tofu kit at "toiros kitchen"

I´ve looked around for some time now, and this is the nicest one I´ve found.
It´s made in Japan too!

I also got some new furoshiki´s coming from England, can´t wait to see them.

I´ll be posting pictures of my new Japanese goodies as soon as they arrive.
The tofu mold will be taken back to Europe by my in-laws, so I won´t get it just yet.
But I can wait..... and be prepared to get overloaded with tofu recipes!

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Ja... jeg bare *kremt*....
.... minner om at hvis du går med julegaveplaner og vil ha pakken før 24.12., så må du bestille fra meg innen 15.12. slik at jeg får postlagt pakken innen 16.12. Dette gjelder innlandspost i Norge.
Jeg sender ut varer til 23.12. og tar en liten juleferie til 28.12., etter det er butikken åpen som vanlig.

Kumihimosmykker er fine gaver; til en vennine, mor, datter, svigermor.... Håndlaget og unikt.

Julehilsen fra Line / krysantemum design :)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Øreringer til de glade vinnere er i produksjon!

Det er jammen fint å se hvor forskjellige fargevalg og størrelse vinnerne av trekningen har bestemt seg for.
Jeg har flettet både fram og tilbake på båten de siste to dagene og i kveld har jeg limt.
Nå ligger 3 par og herder på hobbyrommet, og jeg venter på beskjed fra siste vinner om hvordan det 4. paret skal se ut!
Beklager dårlig bilde, det er tatt sent på kvelden under lampen på badet....

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

While I wait for my daylight lamps to be ordered...

I found that the light in the bathroom can be used in worst case.... the hours of daylight in Norway during winter are few, and I spend them in an office.....

In picture: 16-braid bracelet in striking Christmas red.

I´m going to order a small "lightbox studio" soon. Can´t wait to get my hands on it. And retake all my pictures for the shop.